Guests at Sushi Kurosugi can enjoy the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients selected from around Japan.

The chef is highly selective about the rice used for the sushi. Rather than using sugar as its seasoning, Sushi Kurosugi uses “akazu,” a well-rounded mild red vinegar made from sake lees with low acidity. It has a soft sweet flavor and a refreshing taste of umami which is not too over-powering; a sushi rice that guests will never tire of.

Sushi Kurosugi offers lunch and dinner courses that are suitable for a variety of occasions and preferences. Sushi Kurosugi has been listed in the Michelin Guide for seven years in the Kansai edition of the famed Michelin Guide.

About Restaurant

Enjoy high quality sushi in a stylish relaxing restaurant with a traditional sushi counter experience.
Kurosugi offers a wide variety of dishes in set omakase courses that are artfully served on beautifully hand-painted tiles.
Kurosugi has a comfortable minimalistic stress-free ambience and a female Sommelier present to suggest wine or Japanese sake to be the perfect complement with your sushi.

Restaurant Information

【Seating】Counter seating: Max 10 people
Private room: (dinner only) Seats 4-6 people
【Closed】Sundays・Holidays・End and start of year・Golden Week
【Dress Code】None


Reservations taken for 1 or more at the counter
※Advance payment via Paypal required to make an online reservation.
【Payment method】
Any additional orders made at the restaurant can be paid with cash or credit card. (Please note that there is a 5% service charge for use of a credit card for lunch at the restaurant)


Japanese Cuisine, Washoku, Sushi, Seafood
【Location】Japan, Kansai, Osaka, Kitashinchi
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